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Empowering Growth With Real-time Cloud Data


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specialising in manufacture and supply of cloud-based robots for use in real-time monitoring of water quality, groundwater quality, water and sewerage treatment plantsand distribution networks.

We are an expert cloud solutions company with deep experience

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We are one of Australia's leading utility cloud technology companies. User interactive high-speed Big Data on the cloud is what we do.

We build fully cloud-integrated cloud-based equipment and sensor solutions for real-time measurement and control of power, water, and gas.

We have won awards for our work along the way including Top 10 Utility Technology Solution Provider for the APAC Region.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown every water, power and gas utility in Australia that it is critically important to be fully supported by Australian companies like us who always deliver locally-built world-class products, solutions and support, even when overseas companies won't or can't.

Billions of cloud measurements made around the clock ...around the world

We are an expert cloud solutions company with deep experience